What books do you recommend? Part I – The emotional journey

As healthcare practitioners, we are often asked what books we recommend for various health concerns.  One of my favorite books is called “Ask & It is Given” by Esther and Jerry Hicks.  I first read this book in 2005 and it really has changed my life.   The 1st half of the book reviews the basic concept of it which is called the “Law of Attraction”.  In simple terms, it says that everything you think or feel has an energetic vibration to it.  So every time you have a thought or feeling, you are releasing that energetic vibration into the universe.  Then, your circumstances shift to match that vibration.  You know that happy-go-lucky person in your life that always seems to have the best things happen to him?  Or how about that person who never seems to catch a break?  Both of those people are (probably unknowingly) using the Law of Attraction.

The 2nd half of the book is my favorite part because it provides tools to increase your energetic vibration.  This means that if you have a certain situation which is really bothering you, you can use a quick tool in the book to shift your mindset regarding that situation.  It’s a really great way to keep yourself in the “zone” regardless of what’s happening around you.   Just to be clear, this doesn’t mean ignoring something that’s negative in your life.  But actually it means that you can be a stand for love and peace, in the midst of fear and anger.  What a powerful place to be!  The tools are really useful because they help you to make a slow and gradual shift.  Often times when people want to move forward in their healing, they want to do it at warp speed!  When infact, sometimes the best way to go is slow and steady.  That way you are honestly and authentically moving forward in your beliefs about that situation, rather than just covering them up.

Their website also has a lot of videos, cd’s, and other great books you can feel free to check out.

Please let me in on any benefits you’ve gotten from reading the book – I’d love to hear them!



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