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Whenever I visit a reproductive medical office, it boggles my mind that couples would undergo infertility treatment without incorporating acupuncture and Chinese medicine.

The treatment of pregnancy-related conditions lies within the scope of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Acupuncture is an ideal form of treatment as it offers women drug-free relief.

Acupuncture is very effective to treat a wide range of conditions including musculoskeletal pain and recovery from injuries, women’s health and fertility, Immunity and Respiratory issues.

At Michigan Associates of Acupuncture and Integrative M edicine, we use Traditional Chinese Medicine to improve overall health and reproductive health. It is our goal to bring your body to a state of wellness.

The attitude and belief toward men’s health is changing. Men are starting to look at preventative health rather than “fixing” what needs to be fixed. Men of all ages are interested in preventative wellness and self-care.

Chinese herbs are an integral aspect of Chinese internal medicine. Chinese herbs are often take on a daily basis in order to prolong the benefits of acupuncture sessions. The Chinese material medica is over 2,000 years old.

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